Who is Linda?


From a very young age, as young as 6, Linda Rosen sought to make a difference in the world to truly help others.

Through her activities and interests as she grew up, Linda was exposed to a wide variety of different cultures: people from Israel, Germany, Holland, Russia, Canada, and all Scandinavian countries giving her the opportunity to see what connects all people around the world.

When Linda was 18, she protested for Cesar Chavez (which helped thousands of Mexican American and Filipino farmworkers form the creation of the Nation’s first farmworkers union, the United Farm Workers of America [UFW]).

Then in her early twenties, Linda hit the streets getting signatures for human rights.

In the late 80s and early 90s, Linda worked with Jaime Escalante, before he became the celebrated East Los Angeles calculus teacher, the subject of the Oscar and Golden Globe nominated movie, Stand and Deliver, in which Edward James Olmos portrays Jaime.

From drug rehabilitation programs to working with detox programs for 9/11 firefighters suffering from toxins and exposure to helping gangs and criminals restore their sense of humanity and self-respect, there’s been one thing to which Linda has always answered: making sure her Influence, and the influence of others, was made good.

Influence Made Good is her answer to ensuring others have access to the incredible programs she has used to help people around the world to lead better and more meaningful lives.